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(2017). POLLUTION GIS DATA in Barcelona (EVERIS partner).

(2016-2017). UAV PM measurement in an urban section of Barcelona. (CSIC).

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(2016 ) .Mapping GIS PM levels in Barcelona.


link to the map:

(2016 ) .VINEYARD SURVEY: hidryc/health indicator GIS mapping.

Our target for the GANDESA wine firm is to show in a GIS map the real health level of the vineyards just in order to improve the ammount+quality production of our client.

(2015 ) .CARBONERAS HARBOUR (GTD): oil spill detection tool.

Our proposal for the Carboneras Harbour Competition was the creation of an automatic tool via an UAV+sensor to fast detect any oil spill vessel .


(2015 ) .CAR TRAFFIC ANALYSIS (INDRA): aerial traffic tool via computer vision.

We are developing a tool via computer vision to analyse traffic behaviour from aerial view . 

(2015 ) .MUHBA REPORT: structural inspection + 3D scan.

We are using our UAV to detect structural issues at the “Palau del Tinell”. Barcelona Institut de Cultura, MUHBA, Ajuntament de Barcelona.

(2014-2016 ) .RESEARCH, CSIC + CREAL: pollution aerial data.

In collaboration with the team of Xavier Querol (CSIC + IDAEA) and Jordi Sunyer (CREAL), we are developing a protocol to get HR aerial data related to PM.


(2015 ) .CORPORATE IMAGE (UAV), Viver de Bell-lloc: communication department.

We use our UAV to get amazing views of our client facilities. Those images will be used to better understand our client company.


(2015-2018 ) .MONITORING THE WORK (UAV), l’ESTARTIT: deconstruction of the sea walk.

We use our UAVs to follow the 4 years process of deconstruction of the sea walk in l’Estartit. We are having the most significant moments of the project development. At the end we will get the whole process in a movie. 


(2015 ) .AGRICULTURE EFFICIENCY (UAV), LaTavella: monitoring the field health.

We use our UAV to reach a better view of the Bell-lloc facilities and plantation in order to improve their efficiency and comprehension. Our UAV and sensors collects important data for our customers which will later be studied carefully.

LaTavella Aerial View

(2015-2019 ) .MONITORING ECOSYSTEM (UAV), LaPLETERA: projecte “life” EU.

We use our UAVs to follow the 4 years process of ecosystem development and implementation on its original environment. A multidisciplinary team collaborates to analyse aerial images just in order to improve the efficiency of the implemented measures.

pletera work

(2015 ) .SUSTAINABLE CITIES (UAV): Barcelona Harbour & Cruise Ships Pollution Study.

The Barcelona Harbour Government is interested to know pollution levels affectation from Cruise Ships. Our team is currently developing the hardware system to help to study which effect produces those cruiser ships  in the Barcelona environment.

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